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Finding the right sponsor is the key to your success in MLM. A sponsor is someone who will guide you and provide the necessary support to help you grow your business. Companies come and go, but friends and business partners will stay with you always."
-Robert T. Kiyosaki

Calvenn Starre

Biography: Calvenn Starre
Upon graduating from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors Degree, Calvenn worked his way up the corporate ladder to become the youngest partner and Vice President of OdorEyes Technologies, an International Natural Gas Company in Texas.

As a proven leader and a spirited entrepreneur, Calvenn was recruited by Tony Robbins as a Top Peak Performance Trainer for Fortune 500 Companies. Within 6 months, he was the #1 Trainer for the Anthony Robbins Companies. He maintained his position as one of Tony's Peak Performance Trainers in the United States before resigning.

Calvenn realized that working for others was a great learning experience, but it could never afford him the lifestyle, time freedom and income that he desired. He knew that there had to be a way to help others by serving a greater purpose other than paying your bills.  He wanted to have time freedom and create a substantial income.

In 2001, Calvenn decided to start
All Legal Credit, a credit consulting/coaching company. Once he reached his capacity in personal clients, he created a Digital Book on Credit Repair. Through the #1 Selling Digital Book - "Legal Credit Repair", Calvenn was now able to help thousands of people regain control of their credit reports, instead of just a few hundred with personal consultations. It was here that he began to understand the power of leveraging yourself and reaching more people.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that the power of leveraging is the best way to insure continued success in their business. Network Marketing, or MLM, has proven through the years to be the most accessible vehicle for average people to create amazing success stories and help thousands along the way.

Calvenn has been a mentor for thousands of individuals looking for what it takes to be successful. He is committed to staying on the leading edge of success technologies and his programs prove it. His understanding of personal growth in relation to achieving financial success above and beyond any current success is one of the reasons he has been able to help others achieve that next level. You owe it to yourself to try one of his programs or digital books.
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His greatest passion and commitment right now is his latest venture with
MonaVie. This company has allowed him to change the way people look at passive residual income, or network marketing.  As the #1 Enroller with the company, he has helped hundreds of distributors with the opportunity to create an passive income with an amazing product and a company with heart.
MonaVie is a functional juice beverage that is impacting the lifestyles of thousands of individuals both in their health and wealth. As we say in the field, "Get Your Wealth On!"

Today, Calvenn is fulltime with MonaVie.

Calvenn invites you to join his crusade to help other people create a life worth sharing. Your first step is to find the reason to believe and then make the decision to join him today.

"In life you eventually realize that you are the only one that is totally responsible for yourself. It is not that you can never count on someone else; it is that you can only count on yourself." - Calvenn Starre

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