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We’ve all heard it a thousand times, “success leaves clues”. Obviously we all know this statement to be true. So here’s the question…what MLM companies have been successful in the last 2 years?

The 2 largest MLM markets in the world are the Asian market and the North American market. Both of these Network Marketing markets have had momentum in the last 3 years, but with 2 very different companies. In North America the momentum has come from Xango, where they have generated monthly sales volume of over $15 million after only 24 months. That is without a doubt extremely impressive. In Asia, the company with the most momentum is Lexxus. I’m sure you’re very surprised, as Lexxus is a sleeper in the USA.

So if success leaves clues, what can we learn from these 2 companies, so that we can capitalize with a fortune in 2005?

First, what causes a MLM company to go into momentum? A one product wonder, lucrative and innovative compensation plan, extraordinary leadership, simplicity, misplaced MLM distributors, and/or media leverage? The answer is, all of the above. 

In the last 24 months, Xango has created their momentum with the simplicity of a one product wonder, and also capitalized on the thousands of Network Marketing professionals that missed the �Noni Boat�. These misplaced distributors where not going to watch another “JUICY” company go by.

What’s the growth going to be like for Xango in 2005? Well, no one can know for sure, but my prediction is that Xango’s North American sales plateau. Why? The comp plan is too structured for the momentum to go the next level. Companies can only go so far with a one product wonder. To go to the next level, more and more new distributors MUST make the big money too.

Why didn’t Xango create the same MLM magic in the Asian market?

Simple, Xango's structured compensation plan is not Asian friendly. The Asian market loves an incredibly lucrative comp plan. What’s their favorite? Binaries, Binaries, Binaries! They love Binaries! Binaries can be very financially lucrative, and binaries create REAL dynamics of team work and, at the same time, “a kick in the pants” fear of loss. How excited would you be to see thousands of distributors in your back office?  Obviously you would be very excited, and so would your team.  Who wants a power leg to go to waste? 

It’s a fact, Asians have sharp mathematical minds, and can spot a great comp plan a mile away.  Perhaps most of us could learn a thing or two about Binaries.

Lexxus was prepared when they entered Asia, and put together a lucrative Binary that the Asian market could fall in love with. And fall in love they did, making Lexxus the fastest  growing company in Asia for the last two years.

Now, if only a MLM company could come out with a powerful Binary, and a one product wonder. Combining these two markets in one company would create MLM fortunes.

Interested in being one of the first to find a company that has the world’s most lucrative binary, the sexiest new product from the Amazon, media leverage such as Oprah and Matt Lauer, while launching in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan in 2005?

96% of all MLM millionaires started within the first 12 months of a company launching. MonaVie launches January 8, 2005, so you have until 2006 to make a wise decision, but why wait?

Compiled and written by Raven K Starre.
December 13th, 2004

Is there a company that could be a hit in North America & Asia?
What if the answer is yes?
Would you want to know?

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