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The Mona Vie Story

This is not a story of some explorer hacking his way through the jungle, searching for a forbidden city, and discovering some mystical fountain of youth. This is not a tale of the mythological healing powers of some exotic crop. This is, however, the true account of researchers and scientists who saw a health need and as a result, discovered an authentic solution, Mona Vie.

This group of Mona Vie experts, led by Dr. Ralph Carson, realized that the worlds population at large was not enjoying the health enhancing benefits found in some of natures most wondrous fruits.  And that through the proper intake of the right variety and balance of fruits, grown and harvested in some of the richest soils of the world, individuals could benefit from critically important nutrients that are so illusive in today's polluted environment.  Together they made a discovery that they believe, can significantly impact the landscape of personal wellness because of 4 important factors, the discovery of Mona Vie. 

Factor #1 - The Forgotten Fruits 

Evidence is clear that throughout the world, individuals are not eating enough fresh fruit. Whether this is due to convenience, cost, or taste, culturally the world has moved toward cheaper, processed alternatives rather than raw whole fruits. Dietary trends have eliminated much of the health benefits nature has to offer. In many ways, all fruits have become forgotten.

Factor #2 - A Wide Variety  

When fruits are actually remembered, it is just a few: an apple here, a banana there. If additional fruits are considered, people instantly look for that single cure-all nutrient, hoping it will be contained in a particular berry or melon. Consider the body with all of its functions and processes; it is unreasonable to assume a single substance can aid all of the body's faculties. 

Factor #3 - Color Me Beautiful 

Simply put, fruit with rich color equals fruit rich with nutrients. It is all about the pigments. Brightly colored fruit naturally contain high levels of antioxidants and
phytonutrients for the plants own protection. The brighter and deeper the pigments, the more intense and potent the nutrient levels. 

Factor #4 - Wear and Tear 

Even with the full impact of all the nutrients available in fruits, due to wear and tear, the body still requires more assistance. Once the damage is done, two natural substances can help: Esterified Fatty Acids and Glucosamine. Esterified Fatty Acids lubricates the body's cells and revitalizes the membranes that cushion the bones and joints. While Glucosamine restores flexibility and is the natural building block of healthy cartilage. Helping repair previous damage paves the way for the benefits of fruits to have full sway in the body. 

The Solution: Mona Vie

Step one was to find the perfect combination and variety of fruits, rich in pigments. If the right fruit was rare or expensive it still was to be used compromise was not an option. Step two, puree them in their entirety flesh, skin, and seed so as to capture all the rich nutrients.  Step three; include the repairing benefits of Esterified Fatty Acids and Glucosamine enabling the body to enjoy the full benefit of these sometimes forgotten, yet wonderful fruits.  And the final step was to elegantly bottle the Mona Vie juice with the natural ingredients that enable prompt results.

The solution is Mona Vie.  Mona Vie provides the full impact of what fruit really has to offer. Mona Vie is the perfect blend of rare and lesser-consumed fruits from the 4 corners of the earth that are enormously rich with natures benefits. It is not a mixture of mythical juices; it is just good science. 

Mona Vies roots are entrenched in the Amazon. The Amazon is a region of superlatives: it spans the borders of eight countries; it is the world's largest river basin and the source of one-fifth of the Earth's freshwater; it has the world's highest diversity of birds and freshwater fish; it is the planet's largest and most luxuriant rainforest in which, amazingly, live more than one third of all species in the world.  Despite its natural richness, the Amazon ecosystem is fragile and in peril. (http://nationalzoo.si.edu)

In 2007 alone, 3,000 acres in the Amazon was saved from deforestation by MonaVie educating the people of Brasil on the economical advantages of harvesting acai.  

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